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List of World Holidays and Festivals in countries starting with letter B. Public/Bank Holidays in countries starting with B.
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Holidays in Countries with B

Public and Bank Holidays are observed worldwide by different countries. These world holidays differ in time, date and government policies from one nation to the other. Almost all the Government offices, Private establishments, schools, colleges and banks remains closed on these public holidays. Check out list of public/bank holidays in countries starting with letter B.

Public Holidays in Countries starting with B

Bahamas Flag Bahamas Holidays 2014
Bahrain Flag Bahrain Holiday Calendar 2014
Bangladesh Flag Bangladesh Holidays 2014
Barbados Flag Barbados Holiday Calendar 2014
Belarus Flag Belarus Holidays 2014
Belgium Flag Belgium Holiday Calendar 2014
Belize Flag Belize Holidays 2014
Benin Flag Benin Holiday Calendar 2014
Bermuda Flag Bermuda Holidays 2014
Bhutan Flag Bhutan Holiday Calendar 2014
Bolivia Flag Bolivia Holidays 2014
Bonaire Flag Bonaire Holiday Calendar 2014
Bosnia-Herzegovina Flag Bosnia-Herzegovina Holidays 2014
Botswana Flag Botswana Holiday Calendar 2014
Brazil Flag Brazil Holidays 2014
British Virgin Flag British Virgin Holiday Calendar 2014
Brunei Flag Brunei Holidays 2014
Bulgaria Flag Bulgaria Holiday Calendar 2014
Burkina-Faso Flag Burkina-Faso Holidays 2014
Burma Flag Burma Holidays 2014
Burundi Flag Burundi Holiday Calendar 2014

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