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Ethiopia Holiday Calendar 2020 is presented here along with dates for all the festivals and holidays celebrated in Ethiopia. Know more on Public and Bank Holidays in Ethiopia 2020.
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Ethiopia Holidays 2020

Holidays in Ethiopia 2020 - Ethiopia or Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is one of the most densely populated nations in entire Africa region. The history of Ethiopia and its origin dates back to 2nd century BC. It is also one of the oldest sites of human existence present today in Africa. Wide diversity of culture, traditions and festivities are a part of daily life in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian customs and traditions are followed by the local people living here and abroad. Music and dance forms an important part of Ethiopia's ethnic groups. So festivals and holidays celebrated in Ethiopia are full of fun and excitement. A large number of populations in Ethiopia follow Islam while Christianity is the other main religion followed in the country. Both Muslim and Christianity holidays are celebrated with great fan fare along with other regional festivals in Ethiopia. Prayers are organized in mosque and local people celebrate festivals with great spirit. All major Government offices remains closed on Bank holidays in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Holiday Calendar presented below a list of holidays celebrated in the country for year 2020.

Ethiopia Holiday Calendar 2020

January 2020 3 Saturday Mawlid al-Nabi (Birth of the Prophet)*
7 Wednesday Ethiopian Christmas
20 Tuesday Epiphany
March 2020 2 Monday Victory of Adowa
April 2020 10 Friday Ethiopian Good Friday
12 Sunday Ethiopian Easter Sunday
May 2020 1 Friday Labour Day
28 Thursday Downfall of the Dergue
July 2020 18 Saturday Eid al-Fitr
September 2020 12 Saturday Ethiopian New Year (Entutatash)
23 Wednesday Eid-al Adha (Arafat)
28 Monday Finding of the True Cross (Meskel)

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