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Muslim festivals are observed based on Islamic calendar (Hijri calendar). List of Muslim holidays and festivals in 2021 with dates are presented below.

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Muslim Festivals 2021

Muslim Festivals are celebrated by people following Islam. Although, celebrations on Islamic holidays may slightly differ from one region to the another. These holidays are celebrated by Muslims living in various parts of the world with fasting, peace, and prayers.

Ramadan is the holy month of fasting, from dawn until sunset, for nealry a month. During Ramazan, Muslim restraint food, drink, smoking and marital relations. They follow strict Fasting as its regarded as one of the five pillars of Islam. At the end of Ramadan, Muslim celebrates Eid ul-fitr. Eid ul-fitr is regarded as one of the most popular Muslim festival celebrated across the world.

Muslim Holidays in 2021

Day Date Holiday / Festival
Thursday Mar 11, 2021 Lailat al Miraj
Sunday Mar 28, 2021 Lailat al Bara'ah
Monday Apr 12, 2021 Ramadan (begins)
Sunday May 09, 2021 Laylat al Qadr
Thursday May 13, 2021 Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan / Ramzan / Ramadhan or Ramathan) *
Monday July 19, 2021 Waqf al Arafa - Hajj
Tuesday July 29, 2021 Eid-al-Adha *
Monday August 09, 2021 Hijra - Islamic New Year
Wednesday August 18, 2021 Day of Ashura / Muharram
Tuesday October 19, 2021 Milad un Nabi
Saturday October 23, 2021 Milad un Nabi (Shia)

*Celebrations on Eid al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha varies in different countries.

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